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Is Grapeseed Oil Paleo Diet Friendly? What You Need To Know


If you’re an avid user of grapeseed oil, and plan on starting a paleo diet, then you must know the answer to the question “is grapeseed oil paleo diet friendly?” Fortunately for you, this article will answer your questions regarding the paleo diet.

Since there are several diet plans available today, and each with varying food requirements, you may lose track of which food is okay to eat and which is not.

If you are really interested in trying out the paleo diet, you must know beforehand what a paleo diet is and what kind of foods this diet allows.


Is Grapeseed Oil Paleo Diet Friendly? What You Need To Know

What Is A Paleo Diet?


If you have no idea what a paleo diet is, it’s only one of the most followed diets today. It is inspired by the diet of our ancestors back in the paleolithic period of the cavemen.

Back then, cavemen only ate what they can hunt or gather. Paleolithic food includes meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. This means that if you are planning on starting a paleo diet, you might as well say goodbye to pasta, bread, candy, chocolate, or anything that is created in a factory.

The paleo diet has been considered to be a healthy one based on the physical attributes of our ancestors back then.

Some comparisons between the average human back then and now is that average humans in the paleolithic age were tall, muscular, agile, energetic, and very versatile.

On the other hand, today’s average human tends to be overweight, out of shape, and prone to all sorts of preventable diseases.


The decline of human fitness apparently started once humans learned about agriculture. Once agriculture started, humans indulged in grains including bread, rice, and pasta.

The problem with this is that since humans became dependent on agricultural food until today. This means that instead of getting lean meats and healthy vegetables or fruits, humans got fat building grains.

Some people choose to follow the paleo diet since it is said to be the only nutritional approach that can effectively make you stay lean, strong, and energetic.

What’s more is that a paleo diet promotes a healthy diet by not letting you ingest any of the foods in today’s modern diet that is said to contain plenty of body harming fats, sugars, carcinogens, and toxins that can lead to several preventable diseases including diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and even depression.


However, despite the large number of people using the paleo diet, many still doubt its effects. But I say, experience really is the best teacher, which is why I recommend trying this diet if you really want to.

Nothing could go wrong from eating healthy food anyway. You might even reap the benefits of this diet including weight loss, enhance blood lipids, and even reduced pain from autoimmunity.


If you do pursue the paleolithic path, then you should know which foods you can or cannot eat.

Basically, the foods you can eat are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. While the foods you should avoid are dairy, grains, legumes, starches, alcohol, and processed foods and sugars.

Can You Use Grapeseed Oil For A Paleo Diet?


Sad to say, if you want to pursue a paleo diet, you must give up your love for grapeseed oil.

Even Though grapeseed oil is considered as one of the healthy oils in today’s market, it contains plenty of fats that the paleo diet disapproves of.

Grapeseed oil contains polyunsaturated fats such as omega-6s and omega-9 fatty acids. Though these are considered as healthy forms of fat that can be used as an anti-inflammatory that is great for brain health, hormones, heart health, and more, taking it in frequent doses may not be healthy at all.

For every tablespoon of grapeseed oil, you will find a significant amount of Vitamin E, but it will also contain 14 grams of fat that is 10% saturated, 16% monounsaturated, and 70% polyunsaturated. All of which amounts to 120 calories.

The key to having a healthy diet without bidding grapeseed oil adieu is by taking small doses. Besides, we already get enough omega fatty acids from other foods we eat.

A Quick Recap


A paleo diet would require you to eat the same food that was available to our cavemen ancestors. These foods include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

This diet would also have you avoid foods that are high on fat. This means that the omega-6 filled grapeseed oil is strictly a no-no if you’re planning on going full paleo.

If you liked reading this article, and would like to read more about food, diet plans, or other health related topics, please leave your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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