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Are Water Chestnuts Paleo? The Surprising Answer And More That You Need to Know


If you are following a strict paleo diet plan, have you ever wondered whether or not, are water chestnuts paleo? I actually did and I had tried to look at this question seriously because I love water chestnuts because of their tasty flavor. It will be a waste if I have to omit them from my healthy diet if they’re not paleo.

I've researched on various sources and publications and what I've discovered astounded me. I never though that water chestnuts could be more than just a sweet fruit. If you’re curious to know about their benefits and preparation tips, check them out below.


What Makes a Food Paleo?

Foods are considered paleo if they are whole, natural, and unprocessed. They are consumed in a paleo diet, which according to Robb Wolf is the healthiest way to eat.

To create a healthy paleo diet, you should limit yourself to lean proteins, fruits, seafood, and vegetables. You can also eat the healthy fats from grass-fed meat, seeds, and nuts. On the other hand, foods are not paleo if they are processed, refined, legumes, and dairy.

So, Are Water Chestnuts Paleo?

Water chestnuts are corms that grow in marshes. They appear like chestnuts in shape and color. They are a bit sweet when eaten raw but become a bit nutty when boiled.

No matter how you cook them, they stay crunchy as ever that’s why they’re popular in Asian cuisine. You can find fresh water chestnuts in Asian markets or in supermarkets in their canned forms. They contain fewer calories, no fat, and no cholesterol.

Since water chestnuts belong to the tuber family, then they can be considered paleo, especially the fresh kind. The canned forms should be used for pinch occasions only as there may be preservatives used.

Health Benefits of Water Chestnut

Eating water chestnuts is good for your health because they have less sugar and sodium. They also contain no cholesterol and fats. Although they contain sugar, they don’t spike your blood sugar levels like how potatoes do because they have a low glycemic index at 30.

Here are some of the many health benefits offered by water chestnuts:

  • Drinking the juice from water chestnut will help to relieve nausea and cure phlegm.
  • The fiber in water chestnuts helps reduce your cholesterol levels, thus reduce cardiac risks. For every 100 grams of water, chestnuts contain about 2 grams of fiber.
  • This vegetable contains potassium which helps reduce blood pressure. Together with vitamins B and E, you can have healthy hair. Together with its low sodium amount, it helps control water retention.
  • The vitamin B-6 found in water chestnuts helps promote good sleep. It generates neurotransmitters that improve your sleep and mood.
  • Water chestnuts contain iodine which aids in the proper function of your thyroid gland.The antioxidants- polyphenols and flavonoids- help fights against virus, bacteria, and cancer.

How to Choose and Store Water Chestnuts

Water chestnuts can be bought in Asian markets all year round. They’re mostly displayed in bins or packaged in the produce section. In grocery stores, you can find them in canned forms in the ethnic section.

Whenever possible, choose the fresh water chestnuts because they are free from preservatives and have a slightly sweet taste. In choosing for the best quality, see to it that their brown skin are smooth and are free from wrinkles. Press it a gently to check if they have any soft spots or any dents that might be a sign of decay.

Store peeled water chestnuts in water and change it out every day. For the unpeeled ones, store them in a sealed container in your fridge. They will keep fresh up to 14 days.

How to Enjoy Water Chestnuts the Paleo Way

If you don’t know how to peel water chestnuts, watch this helpful video.

After you have peeled them nicely, here are the ways you can cook them healthily:

  • Wrap water chestnuts with bacon and bake them in the oven for about 35 minutes.
  • Create water chestnut sushi rolls by seasoning chopped chestnuts and ginger with rice wine vinegar and salt. Top them with avocado, salmon, and cucumber, and roll away.
  • Make cashew beef stir fry by adding water chestnuts to beef, ginger, garlic, and coconut aminos.

Try to Add Water Chestnuts in Your Paleo Diet Today!

Water chestnuts are paleo since they closely belong to the tuber family. They are rich in nutrients like vitamin B6, iodine, and potassium. If you wish to incorporate them in your diet, follow these steps on how to choose the best kinds:

  • Look for smooth skins without wrinkles
  • Press gently to detect any dents or soft spots, which may be a sign of decay.
  • Store peeled water chestnuts in water and change it out every day.
  • Store unpeeled water chestnuts in sealed container.

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